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Lose the Attitude and Try Some Gratitude

I sat out on the back porch this morning to drink my first cup of coffee. The damp and cool air was a welcome break from the scorching summer weather. The second that I sat down I heard my sweet Maine Coon mix, Luna, calling out to me with her silly little chirping noises as she ran across the yard to come and rub against my legs. The neighbor's dog was scratching at the fence and whimpering for attention, like he does every day. I found myself really enjoying everything about this experience. I was totally overcome with gratitude for my home, my life, my yard and even the dog next door.


A few months ago, my stepfather ended up back in the ICU for congestive heart failure. My mom and I were suddenly living together, as a temporary solution, to be sure that she was cared for while her husband was in the hospital. Both Mom and I found our lives to be suddenly turned upside down. She was no longer in her home and I was staying home to take care of her. My ability to give attention to my business was fading. Money was getting tight. Mom was crying for her husband, and she hadn't seen him in two months. I was crying from the frustration of not working. I had created this retreat for Trinity Energy Healing, and I was starting to regret it. There were just too many unknowns in my life and in Mom's life. I was too busy with all of this family stuff to focus on marketing my retreat. I found myself running on no sleep, as the insomnia started setting in. I couldn't shut my brain off from all the stress and worries. Both her and I were struggling in different ways.

Mom and Dad finally reunited!

A week ago, Mom and I ended up on an emergency flight to Salt Lake City to see her husband before he underwent open-heart surgery. It was a stressful day, with only four hours of preparation. We had no idea how long we would be gone. All we knew is that the doctors wanted us there immediately. Seeing my stepfather was a shock. He had lost a lot of weight and his illness was written all over his face. Mom and I were both scared of what the next few days would bring, but she was so happy to see her husband! They didn't want to let go of each other. I was thrilled to be a part of getting her there to see him.

Mom and I were going through it. There were just too many changes for both of us, all at once! I was grumpy from not sleeping and she was sad from all the worry. Something really beautiful started to happen in the midst of all of the stress. My relationship with my mother blossomed. We started to get to know each other again. We were learning each other's intricacies. We were doing silly things and laughing our asses off! Our trip to Salt Lake was an emotional roller coaster, but we came out of that trip so much closer. My stepfather came out of surgery and immediately started showing improvement.

We rented a car and drove back from Salt Lake. A quick stop at my brother's house ended with my mom staying there. She knew I needed to focus on my business and my retreat. I knew that I needed some alone time. We both got teary-eyed at the thought of her not coming home with me. I felt guilty leaving her there.

When I got home and walked in the door, I was so relieved to be back and to have some alone time to focus. As I started to move around the house, a lump formed in my throat. Something was missing from my home. It was my mom! Her things were still sitting in my living room where we had set up a twin-sized bed for her to sleep in. Her box of fancy hazelnut coffee was sitting on the kitchen counter. Her walker stood at the foot of the bed with her pajamas hung over the handle. It was late, so the house was pretty still. I could hear my son in his bedroom, talking to someone on his Xbox. My husband was already in bed. I found myself just standing in the living room, looking around at all of my mother's stuff and already missing her.

There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed after a trip. I got my first full night of sleep in quite a while. This morning, as I sipped the hot brew and appreciated the bold and nutty flavor of my mother's fancy coffee, I savored something else... the pure feeling of gratitude. Today, I'm feeling rested and ready to get some spots sold for my retreat. I'm feeling gratitude for having such an amazing mother that is so full of life. I am thankful that my memory foam topper on my bed is totally the best thing ever. I am feeling blessed that my stepfather made it through surgery. I am thanking spirit for blessing me with an amazing family, a comfortable home, a super cool business and pretty decent health.

So, before I hit the ground running today, I felt the need to share a piece of advice: Have gratitude for everything in your life and be thankful to spend time with your loved ones. Something good can always come out of stressful times.

P.S. Love you, Mom!

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