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Trinity Cook - Healer

Trinity Cook

I am an intuitive empath with a passion for healing and helping people. I have been through a lot of hard times. My life hasn't always been as bright and beautiful as it is now, but the dark events in my past have led me to the light! It was in my own quest to heal myself from past wounds and tragedies, that I found my power and my mission to help people.

Energy Healing and Crystal Therapy helped to heal me of some my past traumas and sent me on a magical journey of learning that has led me here. I started by learning different styles of Reiki, but have now progressed past those modalities and work on a much deeper level with with my own energy healing method called, The Trinity Technique.


I left the corporate world to start this. It is my assignment in this life to help people awaken to their own magic and to find their true path to awakening and enlightenment.

So, what am I offering? I am offering ways to clear yourself of emotional traumas, methods to reconnect to your spiritual self, pain management and stress relief, and most of all I am offering empowerment, mentoring, understanding and love.

You have magic inside. You are the master of your universe.

Trinity Cook

CEO & Visionary Lightworker



I has been working so hard since relocating to the new space! Since 2012, it has been my dream to provide a space for learning and gathering that not only provides room for larger groups, but that also creates an enchanting escape from the hustle and bustle of Boise's city life. I'm so excited to introduce the Zen Den! I am ready to share this space with you! Classes, support groups, events and group coaching starts soon. 

Much love! ~Trinity

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